The Fair Allure follows the fashion inspired photographic adventures of two fair, red-headed women; Flannery & Marlena.  Embarking on a new journey together, both girls are combining their passions to create editorial based photo shoots in order to share their fashion with the world.


Located in the warm Southern California city of Los Angeles, Marlena and Flannery met at their university years before The Fair Allure began. After pursuing careers in the real world, but girls realized through social media that their passions could be fueled together to create a beautiful blog. Their unified dreams of the Pacific Northwest and nature-driven art propels them forward into the realm of editorial "outfit posts". And there's definitely something to be said about the fact that both girls would pack their suitcases and jump on an airplane at just about any point. With Marlena's photography background and Flannery's theatre background, the dynamic duo is ready to take the blog-sphere by storm with their dramatic and ethereal visions.
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